An Immersive R&D Media company

In an awesome mediterranean environment in Eastern Spain, enjoying summer most of the year, Nebular Streams is devoted to different media engineering projects. Our real passion is about the journey and the attention to detail. Keep reading to learn about what drives our everyday !


nebular streams is honoured to have the UMH Foundation as a shareholder, and to daily enjoy life on one of the coolest R&D parks in Europe


Our privileged location glues and conditions our action plan: Identifying new trends, create prototypes, quickly validate and test them, get valuable feedback, ... just watching outside our window five minutes we know which application is rocking the internet !


Our projects often crystalize in new features or systems for our Cloud-based ecosystem,, or just grow our codebase and contribute to our mastery of a new technology. We are then ready to apply it in other projects.

Nebular Streams Cloud NOBJ.IO

  • Amazon AWS S3 EC2 Cloudfront
  • MongoDB Mongoose
  • Google App Engine Firebase
  • Docker AMI

Our Cloud Stack is nebular streams in-house developed platform that powers all our projects. Evolving for nearly a decade, we have today a nice cloud-centric realtime service provider for interactive applications, that abstracts all the hard work needed to bring a service online.


An Authentication Server takes care of users loggin in from anywhere and connects them with profiles all over the other network layers

CDN Powered

Resources for the different servics are efficiently delivered across our global CDN


The realtime layer, powered by Google Firestore, add the magic final touch to the perfect platform where to host services.

Our expertise in client technologies

All the machinery in the previous section is the muscle available to the client layer. And here is when we make it shine: Our longtime expertise allows us to quickly and seamlessly model complex applications dveloping components at any level, from native C++ development to mid and higher level layers.

Nebular Streams Client Technologies

  • Flutter
  • Android, Android TV, Android Auto applications
  • Electron applications Kiosk Signage
  • IOS apps
  • OpenGL graphics engine

Our engineers love graphic design, and our graphic designers understand the underlying engineering. That sinergy means not only we do beautiful applications, but also they will be fast, clean and usable from the so-called "MVP"


Our vast codebase of umbrella projects has crystalized into lots of building blocks, some of them very tried and tested. Our starting point for bringing a new project to life can sometimes be akin to topping a McFlurry!

Umbrella Projects

Our approach is to permanently work on a set of umbrella projects, not with the idea of rushing them to market, but as a means to gain knowledge about new features, or experience in a new platform, or researching the latest crazy social network idea. Many of these projects have been going on for more than 5 years, and all have contributed either to our codebase as modular libraries or to our knowledge base, so new projects can take all that research for granted.

Following is a selection from our codebase of some of them, together with an assorted list of hashtags, meaning what we learnt or what was the interest of that project. Enjoy the screenshots and drop us a line is you like something !

Way ahead of its time, MixU allowed to create stories combining aufio, images, typography and lots of other things:
  • Image, Video and Audio Collages
  • Assets library
  • Original content production, sharding & distribution
  • storyboard editor


Players have to finish missions created by game administrators
  • Interactive hotspots with voic, video, images
  • Bonus Tokens, Path sequences
  • Points of interest, with interactive media on them
  • Mission Builder and game design tools


A companion app for the digital car, bike or pedestrian
  • Provides useful responsive location and vehicle-aware utilities
  • Uses OpenStreetMaps technology
  • Integration with weather providers

Beam Fu

The Bluetooth Party ! Share a speaker and allow partygoers to send YouTube videos and MP3 songs to a centralized playlist
  • PicoNetworks
  • Bluetooth f2f networks
  • share music bluetooth speaker

Pix Fu

A minimalistic modular game engine (or realtime system engine) 100% written in C++ and OpenGL. Runs on Desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Clean Portable Codebase
  • Abstract compact core
  • android shared library


An entertainment application to help you stay at home these rough times. Allows to DJ YouTube videos in realtime to your friends, and also lets them suggest new songs!
(Coming Soon !)